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there are only THREE rules.

1. ALWAYS use an LJ cut for over-sized images. DO NOT POST YOUR ENTIRE SPACE WITHOUT USING AN LJ CUT! it's rude and inconsiderate. if you do not know how to use an LJ cut seek the livejournal help page. unfortunately your post will be deleted without warning if it's stretching the page so please please please LJ cut!

2. rudeness and snarkiness will result in a ban. not everyone that posts here is a hilton or a rockerfeller, so respect everyones space, cheap and expensive.

3. please always use a tag when posting an entry, no matter what it's about. you can see a list of our visible tags here. Also, please check our memories section which we are working on and is updated daily.

other than that, have fun! we love to see your yes YOUR apartment. so post, right now!

*this is an apartment community, but we do enjoy looking at all homes. this includes condos townhomes, houses, lofts, etc.* **[EDIT]** please read our updated post about spamming and advertising here. It will give you more insight on what is allowed before posting.

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